Follow up with New Leads

Connect your Contact Manager to all your lead sources; like your website, online directories, social media pages, OB Apps, etc. and manage all your leads on one panel. Perform all other daily activities such as; set reminders, e-mail, Google Sync Calendar and all your contacts. This contact manager works like a centralized hub for all your management departments.

Contractor's Panel

Building a home can be very complicated process unless you have system to help you. Our system for builders is directly connected with local contractors and their system back to back with your system which makes the building process a seamless process. Handle your estimates, invoicing, schedule your single or multiple projects, and order material for your projects right from panel

Job Scheduling

As a Project Manager, one of your jobs is to plan your tasks in detail. Using the Job Scheduling, you can create a detailed task list, schedule the start and end dates of tasks and add links between them. The Job Scheduling helps you to streamline your projects by using the Task Planner, you can assign durations and allocate resources to ensure that the right tasks are completed at a timely basis.

Account Manager

While preparing job orders invoicing methods can be set on a percentage completion of the project or timely basis. This function helps to calculate all the cost up to the date and prepares a list of extra material used by staff for invoicing. Once the invoice is prepared this functionality keeps the invoice history of the invoices for you to view at any time when required.